Loving Home Newsletter


Loved. From your heart.

Love can be a token of appreciation or a heartfelt thought. A small action or a little change is all it takes to touch a person's heart and tie the family stronger together.

Cheerful and optimistic attitude is contagious. It brings about positive energy within your home. Following the support gained from Sweet Family Times Competition, SHKP Club will be collaborating with the Mental Health Photographic Society, a non-profit organization, for the new Relaxation Station section on the SHKP Club website from June onwards. Healthcare professionals are invited to share their experience as well as offer tips on how to cultivate an optimistic mentality and turn every second of our life into positive energy.

On the culinary front, besides sharing tips on cooking healthy meals, SHKP Club's Loving Home Sweet Heart Kitchen let you convey your love to your loved ones through food. SHKP Club will also continue to launch more online activities to share gourmet delicacies from SHKP hotels as well the joy of shopping at SHKP malls.

In addition to introducing SHKP's popular property developments in Hong Kong and Mainland as well as furbishing members on their latest updates, we will also specially organize a trip for our members to visit the Oriental Bund in Foshan. The Oriental Bund is a large-scale integrated residential project by SHKP. During the trip, members will be able to experience the excellent quality of SHKP's property developments first hand, and also appreciate space planning and design features inspired by Lingnan ink art.

To gear up for the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, SHKP's malls and hotels have organized a series of exciting activities and great hot deals in celebration of the football frenzy! When you watch the game together with your whole family, don't forget to head down to the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East to grab a taste of authentic Latin American dishes. Choose from the executive chef's special cuisine such as the 'Seafood ceviche with dill and lemon dressing' or pick up some lovely 'Cinnamon apple and rose flans' as you enjoy the gastro delights and cheer for your favourite football team.

We look forward to the participation from you and your loved ones. Together, we can build a happy home filled with love!


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