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The SHKP Club membership has achieved a record-high with over 400,000 people and a series of celebrations will be launched to thank your support

With everyone's continuous support, the number of members in the SHKP Club has reached a new record of more than 400,000 people. We sincerely thank every member!

To celebrate this important milestone with our members, we have specially prepared an array of celebrations and offers related to the businesses of SHKP. A celebration party will be held at the newly opened HOTEL VIC on the Harbour (HOTEL VIC) in east Hong Kong Island in August. SHKP Club members can, free of charge, bring their relatives and friends to visit the panoramic hotel rooms, and experience various high-technology intelligent services and facilities. Members can also enjoy exclusive food and beverage discount at HOTEL VIC! In addition, SHKP Club will launch a series of surprising property purchase offers and precious gifts to thank buyers who are also SHKP Club members. In respect of residential leasing, SHKP Club members can enjoy leasing privileges at the latest "The Kennedy on Belcher's" project. Members have the opportunity to entitle gift certificates from a trendy and stylish furniture store. We will also hold a complimentary movie screening at the grand cinema building MOVIE TOWN in New Town Plaza for members to experience the advanced cinema technologies and extraordinary visual enjoyment, together with their family members and friends during the summer vacation.

The quadrennial football event is in full swing. In this issue of the Club newsletter, we introduce numerous football related events in various SHKP malls. Besides, we will provide a number of hot dining and accommodation offers at SHKP's hotels, to add colours to everyone's summer vacation.


The above offers are subject to terms and conditions, please stay tuned for details on the SHKP Club website.

(This online publication is promotional material)