Loving Home Newsletter


SHKP Club's 'Loving Home Together'

As we enter 2018, SHKP wishes you all good health along with a harmonious and prosperous family life! SHKP Club's theme for 2018 is 'Loving Home Together', and we plan to launch a series of events to encourage everyone to spend more time with their families to nurture a happier life in the home. The first event under this theme is the 'Best Partner Contest', which aims to spread love by sharing family stories about what makes the best family member. In addition to this, we are arranging a talk by parent-child education experts on the subject of - 'Be a Good Companion to Your Child'. We hope that these events will help you and your family get along better and spend more quality time with family members. SHKP Club will also launch a series of online events on the SHKP Club Facebook. We hope that members will actively show their support for these events.

SHKP has just launched its first integrated shopping mall mobile app – SHKP Malls that offers Eat E-asy and Park E-asy functions as well as shopping and other promotional benefits. Initially, 11 malls will be covered by the app with plans to include all 26 SHKP malls later this year. This will achieve a general membership system for SHKP malls, allowing members to collect and exchange points wherever they like. SHKP's malls will also feature a series of Chinese Lunar New Year promotions and programs to celebrate the festive season.

In this issue, we introduce SHKP residential developments in Mid-Levels West on Hong Kong Island, which offers the sort of luxury accommodation traditionally associated with Hong Kong Island West, and we highlight a great new property at Whitehead in Ma On Shan, where residents can enjoy stunning sea views.

We will continue our efforts to provide you with true service excellence.


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