Loving Home Newsletter


Support is the key to happy families

The SHKP Club is rewarding members for their loyalty and celebrating its 18th anniversary by making all memberships permanent. Members will receive new cards with no expiry date in stages and will be able to enjoy various kinds of privileges and services.

SHKP's grand ICC Light and Music Show has set a Guinness World Record. The show sends the message of "Love Hong Kong" and tells locals and tourists about the trials and achievements of Hong Kong people. Members can enter the Club's ICC Light and Music Show photo competition with shots of this light, animation and sound show. They can also join a family photography workshop to record and share the beauty of Hong Kong with other enthusiastic photographers and spread the "Love Hong Kong" message together!

Family support gives warmth to life. The Club held a Tales of Family Support competition to spread the loving home spirit by collecting stories about mutual support to touch people's hearts and inspire family love. It held a rice dumpling tasting event and a workshop at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East and is going to organize a seminar with registered veteran social workers and family educators explaining how to show support in words and behaviour and cultivate a happy life. All are welcome.

The Internet brings members and the Club closer. The Club will start an online MALL SEE CODE activity through its Cherish Your Family facebook page that lets members explore SHKP malls from a new, interactive angle. Father's Day is approaching and the Club has a variety of special deals and activities so that you can give your dad a surprise on this special occasion in collaboration with sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, Noah's Ark and SHKP malls and hotels.

Members like to know about new SHKP developments, so this issue of the Club News has updates on the mainland projects Shanghai Arch, Suzhou's Lake Genève, Guangzhou's Mount Monet and Zhongshan's Woodland Rose Garden.


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