Loving Home Newsletter


Embracing love from summer to autumn

We want to thank all the members who participated in the recent What is Love competition. Thanks to their enthusiastic support we collected more than 8,000 great pieces of various compositions including essays, short sentences, photos, videos, drawings and ceramics. Participants ranged in age from three to nearly 90, and their work reflected different views about love from all ages, inspiring us to discover the beauty of love at every stage in life.

There is bountiful love in daily life. As long as we observe and appreciative, we can feel the affection of our loved ones through communication and interaction even from simple things like making breakfast or attending a music lesson. The SHKP Club has held the Loving Home Rhythm and Loving Home Kitchen workshops where participants enjoyed learning with their family members while showing their love and understanding for each other. Following the enthusiastic responses to the spring and summer Loving Home Kitchen workshops, the Club will soon hold an autumn workshop and the Online Loving Home Kitchen for more members to share the joy of making breakfast for their families. An SHKP Club Household Maintenance and Greenery parent-Child Workshop will also be arranged, giving suggestions on how to build a comfortable living space for your beloved ones. Apart from that, the Club is now inviting fans to pass on their Loving Home thoughts and feelings and promote the spirit of loving family through the Four Words of Love campaign on the Club's Cherish Your Family Facebook page. There will also be a Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with Family online activity in SHKP e-malls, collecting modish ideas to celebrate the traditional festival creatively.

SHKP has been promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is hosting the annual SHKP Vertical Run for Charity again this year and also acting as title and charity sponsor of the first Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon this October. Everyone is welcome to join and move forward and up for health!

A magnificent and luxury clubhouse with comprehensive services could enrich your family life with a wider variety of activities. This issue will introduce SHKP's Hong Kong residential developments, a crystal chandeliers-themed splendid clubhouse and also the Shanghai Arch clubhouse, an opulent design seamlessly combining nature with architecture, designed by internationally renowned designer Chandu Chhada who was in charge of designing the New York Four Seasons.

We will continue to extend love to every aspect of life with a wide range of activities.


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