Loving Home Newsletter


Chinese New Year brings great things

Chinese New Year is a time for families to get together and bless each other. Through the Hong Kong Family Survey, the SHKP Club spelled out what Loving Families do and don't do.  It also identified a list of words and behaviours that can enhance family relationships, and those that should be avoided. The survey findings offer some ideas on how to please those close to us and some experts offer five ways to fill our ‘affection bank’ for a happy, loving family life.

The new Loving Home from the Heart notebook with warm phrases and secrets to a happy life will be on sale for charity through various channels. Chinese New Year is approaching, so why not give your relatives and friends a Loving Home from the Heart notebook for the holidays and share heart-warming blessings?

Sharing a happy life with family is a New Year wish for many people. Our online Relaxation Station column has psychiatrist Chan Ka Yee offering Ways to Cheer Someone Up and helping people live with a grateful, contented attitude. We also have clinical psychologist Tony Wong Chi Ming suggesting some simple ways to soothe emotions and create more harmonious family relationships.

Sincere heart-warming words can add power to life. We are following the regular Heart-warming Words posts online by inviting Words of my Heart submissions to the SHKP Club Facebook page. We hope that encouraging people to offer phrases that touch the heart and soul with love will promote loving homes over the Internet.

The happy Chinese New Year is a perfect occasion to experience the lively festive atmosphere with family. There are special New Year programmes and membership benefits at SHKP malls and hotels in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and Noah's Ark Hong Kong, so you and those close to you are sure to have a joyous spring festival together!

We wish a sweet home and loving family throughout the Year of the Goat to all.


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