Loving Home Newsletter


Love makes life richer and more beautiful

The cool autumn breeze and warm sunlight bring joy and light to every home-loving heart. Following the Lovey-Loving Family roving comic exhibition (Sweet Heart episode) at SHKP malls which attracted a million visits, SHKP Club will organize 'Capture the Noteworthy Moments in Tung Chung' for members during this beautiful season. Activities including photography contest, hiking and sharing session allow members and their loved ones to enjoy an amazing experience through photography and hiking.

Understanding with a compassionate heart can bring people closer in a relationship. The results of the 'SHKP Club Hong Kong Family Survey' reveal tips for family members to foster communication. It will also help you deepen your understanding of what's on the mind of your family members and let love continue to light up your family.

SHKP Club is committed to providing members with a wide range of property-related services. Besides introducing residential projects in Hong Kong and the mainland that boast a luxury lifestyle and aesthetics design, we have also invited experts to explain the legal aspects of property conveyancing and mortgage issues to help members gain more in-depth understanding of the relevant details and make their homes even better.

Kindness enriches lives. The annual international sporting event 'SHKP Vertical Run for Charity―Race to Hong Kong ICC' lets you do charity while running. You can participate with loved ones, or spread this love to the wider community. In this season of harvest, SHKP malls and hotels have also prepared a series of activities and special offers for you and your loved ones to celebrate a fruitful autumn.


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