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Happiness starts from a sweet family

What makes a sweet family? How do we make a happier family? In this issue, we will present to you entries from the Sweet Family Times Competition to provide more ideas to create happy, sweet moments. There are stories of an older brother clumsily expresses his true concern and care for his younger brother who is undergoing medical treatment; a pastry chef make good use of stress to prepare a tasty dessert (Note: the word 'stressed' spelt backwards reads 'desserts'); how two parents were reminded by their one-and-a-half-year-old child 'not to quarrel over tiny things' and how they discover sweetness in life through children's eyes. The Sweet Heart Kitchen aims exactly to trigger these lovely moments. The 'Low-Sugar Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake' workshop has been organized to encourage members to prepare desserts for the family tendering not only the sweet tooth but the loving heart, and the same goes for the upcoming 'Nutritious Delicacies' cooking class.

Quality sleep lets you have enough energy to greet a new day. In this issue, Relaxation Station will share with you five tips to sleep well and have your life and spirit invigorated. A good mood is infectious and it helps create a delightful atmosphere. Read the professional tips on 'Good mood every day' and learn to savour life through Mindful Eating. Also learn how to use your eyes, ears, mouth, hands, body, brain and heart to foster communication between husband and wife and pick up many other useful tips. Have a better mood and promote husband-wife bonding and parent-child relationships.

In addition, living in an environment with an open view filled with greenery will give rise to a good, relaxing mood. In this issue, we introduce to you two low-density SHKP residential projects in Hong Kong and let you experience its attraction through text and photos!

In August, there will be summer promotions and special events for members to enjoy across SHKP hotels and malls, sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and Noah's Ark Hong Kong so that families will spend a happy summer vacation together and the children can prepare for the new academic year in a great mood!

Do not miss this exciting issue. We'd like to work toward a life filled with sweetness and vitality with all our members.


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