Loving Home Newsletter


Support – Breathing love into home

The SHKP Club Newsletter has a new look for this issue and will published bi-monthly from now on to keep members abreast with Club loving family activities and SHKP property and leisure events to spice up life.

Love will never end. The Club will have a Loving Homes Support the Family theme this year, echoing SHKP’s Building Homes with Heart idea, promoting a happy family life and encouraging everyone to give their families more support to bring happiness to life and a harmonious society. The Club will collect loving family stories via its Tales of Family Support competition to touch family-loving hearts with personal experiences. We look forward to your stories.

We are making a small change now for a better living environment in the future, so from this year the Club will keep in closer contact with members electronically for convenience and eco-friendliness in communication. Just register your email address on the Club’s website or call our staff to continue enjoying the wonderful moments we have in store!


(This online publication is promotional material)