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Celebrate Christmas with SHKP malls this festive season

Christmas is a joyous occasion. Whether you are spending romantic, cute or sweet times with special people, head for an SHKP mall and have your wishes come true this festive season!

Romantic New Town Plaza Christmas nights

A solemn chapel is the place for once-in-a-lifetime romantic events but a starlight garden is the ideal place for romantic moments year after year. New Town Plaza had master lighting technicians from Italy decorate the mall's Starlight Garden this year. The garden on level seven of phase one covers over 20,000 square feet and is decorated with more than 100,000 LEDs in purple, pink and other colours. Shoppers will see decorations like starry cathedral walls, a corridor of light, a carousel and star-bright dome for leisurely strolls past specially-created scenes with loved ones by special 3D projections and fantastic light shows, plus snow effects on Saturdays and Sundays. There are also special Christmas programmes at New Town Plaza that let people experience the wonderful holiday atmosphere.

apm Santa Bear Christmas Town

apm has collaborated with local stage designer Benfi Sum and influential Japanese design master Sirou Nakano to create a 6,000-square-foot trendy Santa Bear Christmas Town in the mall for the season. Visitors can enjoy 20 different Santa Bears roaming around the various extraordinary attractions like the Campbell Bear Christmas Music Tree, Christmas Photo Studio, Santa Bear on Classic Motorcycle and Santa Bear Museum. What's more, people can also view the five-metre Giant models of Santa Bear and seven-metre Santa Bear mechanical cable car. Santa Claus families & fairies will deliver a warming Christmas blessing to all shoppers in the musical parade. Meet pop idols entertaining with music and dance during the mall's large countdown parties on Christmas and New Year's eves!

X'mas Sugarland at wtc more

How are fashion trends related to colourful candies? The answer is at wtc more! They had the famous Australian artists Pip & Pop create a colourful fairytale X'mas Sugarland with colourful story-book candies come alive in 3D this Christmas! See animals such as lively little squirrels, snow foxes (or snow elves), a flying horse from fairytales, cute little deer, rabbits, birds and many more in a sweet and trendy world. Come and enjoy a wonderful Christmas under the doughnut Christmas tree at wtc more!

New Town Plaza
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