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New ICC Light and Music Show on now

The cold winter makes one cherish the love brought about by warm and touching moments even more. The new winter ICC Light and Music Show Love Begins in Winter is now on. International Commerce Centre (ICC) will collect thousands of expressions of love from all around. This shows how a little love from everyone can really add up to create a world full of love and positive energy!

Full of Love

The Love Begins in Winter show lasts for approximately five minutes. The audience sees romantic fairytale scenes that are typical of winter such as snowflakes fluttering in the sky, plum blossoms and polar bears and penguins that get happier when the weather gets colder. Swans that typically appear in pairs form intimate heart-shaped patterns with their necks and people present their carefully wrapped gifts to their loved ones by the shimmering Christmas trees and share surprises, joy and laughter with bubbling champagne. To the accompaniment of lively music, watch brilliant hearts gradually filling the entire ICC block until it finally takes form of a heart, bringing the feeling of warmth to its highest point!

Words of love on the building facade

SHKP recently began a Small Words, Big Love activity on its facebook page to encourage people to spread words of love. The game asks for original love-related phrases under four different themes. Winning entries will be shown to the entire Hong Kong community and tourists in LEDs on the facades of ICC during December after every night's Light and Music Show. These love phrases will surely tug at the heartstrings.

Download the ICC Light and Music Show smartphone app by scanning the QR code.

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Love Begins in Winter with romantic fairytale scenes