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SHKP Club starting new health series to inspire healthy living

Most people value physical and mental health, and many members and Hong Kong people recently offered their tips in the Club's Plans for Family Health campaign. The Club will start a new series of health activities to encourage members and their families to lead healthy lifestyles.

Health plans start with details

Lately, there was an award ceremony for the Plans for Family Health campaign. Some winners said that the campaign deepened their understanding and affection for loved ones and injected love into healthy living. Member category winner Liu Ming-fai said his 'Say no to phubbing' plan was meant to control his son's mobile phone attitude and habit, and the most meaningful part for him was following the plan together with his son so his son could feel his love. Open (junior) category winner Poon Chung-yan, believes that a healthy life starts with little things'. She and her father made a short film explaining how the family lives healthily, such as buying more vegetables and less meat when shopping, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, waking up early on weekends and holidays to do sports with family and reading together for better mental well-being. Click here to browse a selection of winning entries and see photos from the award ceremony.

Kick-start fitness with your family

Street workout is a new trend. What do you and your family like to do to get fit? The Club and the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong are working on a set of exercises to promote Loving Home, Loving Health and will post a short clip on the SHKP Club Cherish Your Family Facebook page. We hope people will persevere through these simple movements to build strong physiques, and that Hong Kong families will have more interaction and fun through sports for better bonding. Each set of exercise is designed to achieve different benefits and is effective, practical and fun. Some help people to stretch themselves, tone muscles and strengthen the heart and lungs. We are staging a How Do You Keep Fit contest on Facebook that will show pictures of the exercises and invite members to guess what the benefit is supposed to be on the Club's Loving Home Facebook page, with SHKP Club yoga mats as prizes, hoping to share more information on sports and health to get members moving and living with love.

Healthy get set, go! Facebook event now live

The Club will run Healthy get set, go! on Facebook to offer lifestyle tips and various health products to fans through a series of interactive games. The first collaboration is with Philips and we will be giving away 10 Gadwall LED lamps so people can read under comfortable light and rejuvenate! Next will be 10 sets of TOTO’s latest showerhead series so the lucky winners can enjoy a wonderful shower every night to fully relax. Like the SHKP Club Facebook page to keep tabs on the exciting activities ahead. Stay tuned for details on the SHKP Club Cherish Your Family facebook page.

The Club's Healthy get set, go! event will have the latest Philips Gadwall LED lamps as prizes