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SHKP announces three-year guarantee on flats coming to the market and the SHKP Quality Academy

SHKP believes in Building Homes with Heart; developing residences of the finest quality and offering premium service to customers. It now offers a three-year guarantee on flats coming to the market and has set up the SHKP Quality Academy as part of its commitment to deliver quality products and service.

First three-year guarantee on flats coming to the market

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Thomas Kwok announced the three-year guarantee, saying it was important to offer premium-quality flats and caring, professional after-sales service. The two factors give buyers peace of mind about their new homes. SHKP offered the first two-year guarantee on newly-launched residential units in 2007 and has now set another industry precedent by extending that to three years.

Comprehensive staff training

SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok also announced the setting up of the SHKP Quality Academy. This will be a new framework for integrated learning with experts from diverse disciplines like architecture, construction and customer service teaching courses about the latest developments in their fields. The curriculum will be designed for staff and contractors as well, so that they will have a better understanding of the SHKP's pursuit of quality products and service.

SHKP will encourage employees to take courses in their current fields and beyond to broaden horizons in keeping with its belief in lifelong learning.

Stories from SHKP flat owners

SHKP puts customers first and believes in the importance of delivering quality products, and senior management often visit flat owners to hear their views. Two SHKP flat owners were at the announcement and spoke about their experience. Mrs Cheung said that all five members from two generations of her family bought SHKP flat and trusted the first-rate construction materials. Mrs Mak and her family were impressed by the near zero defects in their flat when they took possession and the attentive, professional property management.

There will also be an infotainment series about SHKP's commitment to quality products and service broadcast on the its website, RoadShow bus TV and in SHKP malls.

SHKP Chairmen and Managing Directors Thomas (second right) and Raymond Kwok (second left) and Deputy Managing Directors Mike Wong (first right) and Victor Lui (first left) announcing Hong Kong's first three-year guarantee on flats coming to the market