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New Noah's Ark Hong Kong event makes learning fun

Noah's Ark Hong Kong continues exploring new ideas this fall after the popular Noah's Academy summer camps; releasing an online film Have fun in English with Dr Ming Chai, and staging a creative Cloud Lamp workshop so people can learn English and learn STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) subjects.

Explore the fun of English

Learning requires a good approach in addition to patience. Noah's Ark had Adjunct Associate History Professor Dr Cheung Hok-ming from The Chinese University of Hong Kong host Have fun in English with Dr Ming Chai to teach children English in a fun way. The first episode of the online series has Dr Ming Chai talking about the relationship between English and Greek. For instance, the word alphabet comes from the Greek letters alpha (α) and beta (β) and the word delta comes from the Greek letter delta (Δ). The mathematical symbol pi (π) is also Greek. New episodes of Have fun in English with Dr Ming Chai are uploaded every week, so follow the Noah's Ark Hong Kong facebook page to keep up.

Bring beautiful clouds home

Some people used to love gazing into the distance and daydreaming when they were young, but pastimes for grownups are now touch screens and living a digital lifestyle. Noah's Ark Hong Kong will hold a Cloud Lamp workshop in mid November where participants will make creative lamps using only discarded plastic bottles, cotton and LEDs, and then programme their handiwork to create lighting effects under different weather conditions. Enjoy the wonderful changes in the cloud lamp in the comfort of home. Both adults and children are welcome. Participants will also learn about water circulation in addition to protecting the environment. Click here to view the event details and regulations.

Member privilege

SHKP Club members who join the Cloud Lamp workshop can get 50% off the Harvest Restaurant dinner buffet during November 2017. Click here for details.

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Creative, colourful cloud lamp