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Hong Kong family survey: understanding the support family members need

The SHKP Club did a telephone survey on Hong Kong family life, interviewing more than 500 people aged 15 or over to understand when people need family support and what kind of behaviour, remarks and attitudes help foster family ties. The survey was meant to be shared with the public to encourage mutual family support and build a harmonious society.

Survey results on the web

The survey showed that communication is important when discussing significant matters or during regular interaction. The findings about things like what encouragement people want to hear from their family, things that they understand or don’t about family members, solutions for family disputes and more will be uploaded to the SHKP Club website. Stay tuned to learn when and how to provide support for your family to build closer relationships.


Occasions when family support is most needed
Changes in mental and physical health (eg illness) 45%
Making important decision or undergoing changes (eg pregnancy, getting married, emigrating, considering surgery or medical treatment) 29%
When life is stressful (eg at work or school) 20%


Encouragement that I want to hear the most from my family
Don't stress yourself out, take care of your health 36%
No matter what problem you have, we’ll resolve it together 35%
Never mind, trying your best is good enough 26%


Top three things you know / don’t know about family members
Know Don't know
Lifestyle 43% Mood 30%
Dietary preference / Dressing style 36% Financial status 27%
Character and orientation 32% Values in life 20%


Ideal solutions for family disputes
Resolve with a peaceful and composed state of mind 48%
Compromise and empathize 36%
Listen to the other party's views, analyse the cause of the dispute and find a solution 35%


Top three kinds of behaviour that make me feel supported / unsupported
Supported Unsupported
Ask about / Show concern for family members 16% Oppose family members' views 14%
Keep me company 13% Ignore me / Be uncommunicative 13%
Give me financial support 12% Thinking of being forced to pay for the care of parents or grandparents 10%


Top three remarks that make me feel supported / unsupported
Supported Unsupported
Encouraging remarks (well done, you are capable of doing it) 41% Verbal or direct expression of objection 38%
Words of concern (be careful, watch what you eat) 14% Express different opinions with family members / Explain reason for objection 10%
Casual chat 8% Blame family members 10%