Loving Home Newsletter

Spreading the loving home message online

Cartoon characters from the Lovey-loving Family are starting to make their presence known and spreading the positive energy of Loving Homes online. The new Words from the Heart online activity will continue introducing short phrases about loving homes. We hope all our enthusiastic fans will show their support!

Follow the Lovey-loving Family comic

No matter who your favourite Tomato Family member is, you are welcome to share your support for loving home messages by following the Lovey-loving Family comic and spreading loving home messages. People are also welcome to join the Lovey-loving Family activity on facebook to enjoy the comic, express your feelings and share with friends. 

Content of Lovey-loving Family
1. Where is happiness
2. Apply your knowledge
3. Mystery of gain and loss
4. Shelter from the storm
5. Please don't leave me alone
6. Never give up when facing difficulties
7. Life is beautiful
8. Letting go is a way to support
9. Pleasant sound
10. 100,000 whys
Spreading positive energy with Words from the Heart

A short message can show sweetness and love, touch our souls, and help us develop new ideas and inject energy into our lives. Christmas is a festive season filled with warmth, so the Club will be sharing Words from the Heart on its Cherish Your Family facebook page, website and weibo in December onwards. It will give phrases that soothe the souls of city dwellers like inspirational quotes, caring greetings, expressions of appreciation and much more! The Club will also hold a Words from the Heart campaign the internet to encourage everyone to spread the warmth of love to their loved ones. Share these well-meaning phrases from the heart! Please stay tuned for updates.

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