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SHKP mall event information

It will be fun galore in October at SHKP malls to celebrate special occasions with shoppers!

Hide & Seek in Halloween City at Grand Century Place

Grand Century Place joins with famous US art and toy collectibles company Circus Posterus for the first time to produce figures for a Halloween exhibition based on the bizarre Wandering Misfits characters created by designers Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas. The Wandering Misfits in different guises will be hiding amid the figures to surprise visitors and will make special appearances at the exciting mall activities planned. Visitors can get spooked at Halloween City in Grand Century Place – the favourite haunt of the living (and not!) – visit the amazing exhibition on different floors in a game of hide and seek and participate in other special events until October 31.

Panda's night out on National Day Trendy Expo at apm

To celebrate 10.1 National Day festival in Hong Kong, apm has collaborated with well-known local illustrator Siu Hak riding on his funny characters like panda, bit bit & Flower Lion to create an mega lanterns with total area of 3,000 square feet. It combines with Four different theme zones—Nostalgic Hong Kong, Best of Beijing, Dazzling Shanghai & Limited pop up store. Visitors will be able to pose with apm's picture-perfect set-ups until October 7 or join the rush for best buys among more than 200 fashion accessories, timepieces, novelties and cosmetics showcased at the 10.1 National Day Trendy Expo until October 5.

wtc more Phantom Night

The popular wtc more is presenting a bizarre Halloween with special interactive events between 7:00 to 9:00 pm on October 29 and 31. Experience the spirit of Halloween with trick or treat, as the bewitching Ghoul Queen makes her debut at the Halloween Ghoul Queen Parade to give away candies on every floor of the mall.

New Town Plaza
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