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Popular Race to ICC-100 – SHKP Vertical Run for the Chest back this year

The first Race to ICC-100 – SHKP Vertical Run for the Chest last year received great public support and raised more than HK$5 million for the Community Chest of Hong Kong. SHKP is staging the vertical marathon at Hong Kong's record-height International Commerce Centre this December and has invited world-class runners to display their prowess in Hong Kong in a blend of sports and charity.

More high-profile charity sport for Hong Kong

The charity race last year attracted hundreds of runners to the team relay and individual challenges, and this year's event will be bigger and go international. International runners will compete alongside Hong Kong individuals and enterprises, with the number of participants expected to reach a thousand to make the event a high-profile charity sports event for Hong Kong.

All-out effort up 2,120 stairs

Vertical marathons have become high-profile events in recent years at landmark buildings like the Empire State Building in New York, TAIPEI 101 and more. The races and related activities at annual vertical marathons attract participants from around the world.

The Race to ICC-100 – SHKP Vertical Run for the Chest will be at ICC; the tallest building in Hong Kong. The event will let participants tackle the 2,120 stairs ending up at the sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck where they will have a world-famous, 360-degree view of Victoria Harbour for a lasting impression.

This year's charity run will open for registration in early October. All funds raised will be donated to the Community Chest to fund child and youth services without deduction. SHKP will have advance promotions in its shopping malls, commercial buildings and residential properties to encourage the public to have a healthy lifestyle in a fun and easy way. Check the official website and facebook page for the latest details and promotional activities.

Race to ICC-100 – SHKP Vertical Run for the Chest
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