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Endless new ideas on the interactive Internet News on shopping malls adds colour to life

The SHKP Club keeps rolling out exciting Internet activities! Hot on the heels of the Creative Cuisine contest at SHKP E-malls, the Hang out @ SHKP Malls where Possibilities are Endless and Send Wishes with the SHKP Club on the Club's weibo, the Club now has a new My Favourite contest. We hope everyone joins.

Treasure hunting @SHKP malls

It is a joy to find something you like while shopping, so the Club is holding a My Favourite contest on the Internet until 15 October. Participants can buy a fun, useful product at an SHKP mall then upload a picture of it with a completed entry form to SHKP E-malls and explain why they love the product (with details of product features, price and mall and shop where purchased). The Club will score entries according to fun value and practicality and participants could win a Most Interesting Favourite prize: a buffet lunch for two coupon for The Royal Garden. Ten winners will be chosen. Tell everyone about your favourites!

It's always good to know what people think, and the recent Creative Cuisine contest collected a lot of recommendations from food aficionados that are very attractive judging from the pictures. Interested members can try the recommendations that look best.

Wishes for Mid-Autumn Festival

There is a place you will always miss no matter where you are, and that place is home. There is a meal you will always remember no matter how simple it was, that meal is a home-cooked one. The recent Send Wishes with the SHKP Club contest on the Club's weibo collected numerous sincere blessings sent from participants to those close to them. One participant was picked at random for a three-night deluxe room stay at the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East. The Send Wishes contest is over, but we have compiled some of the entries for all to read.

  • Full moon is a time when I miss you all! The distance between us, no matter how far, can't stop my deep longing for you, my parents.
  • The clouds take away the haze while the moon brings satisfaction. Your child in a foreign place misses both your love, sending you a blessing thousands of miles away. With the moon shining up above, our family love remains strong in two different places. In this mid-autumn night, I wish you, my parents, good health and good luck.
  • The moon, twinkles after twinkles, hanging over the horizon; my longing, streams after streams, forming a line; my memories, scenes after scenes, flashing across my eyes; our family, year after year, I wish will remain together. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, I will be back with you, my parents, after five long years!

Send Wishes with the SHKP Club Contest
Trade Promotion Competition Licence No. 41659

Note: The above images courtesy of participants in the Creative Cuisine contest are representative only.

Members should pay attention and take part in the frequent SHKP Club Internet activities
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