Loving Home Newsletter

Members savour moon cakes at SHKP hotel and make loving home sky lanterns for family

The SHKP Club and Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East staged more Loving Home activities for members and relatives with a Sky Lantern workshop and Moon Cake tasting in mid August. Participants savoured delicious moon cakes prepared by the hotel and were taught how to make sky lanterns that symbolise support. Here are the steps:


Rattan 3 strips
Red cellophane 4 sheets
Green drawing paper 1 sheet
Lantern light handle 1
Tassel 1
Greeting card 1
Fishing line 1 length


  1. Tie two rattan strips into rings (~26 cm in diameter) and fasten securely with adhesive tape. Then cut the other strip into five long (12 cm) and one short (10 cm) pieces.
  2. Tape three of the long rattan strips into an H-shaped frame for the lantern top and make another H-shaped frame out of the two long and one short strips for the bottom.
  3. Tape the rattan rings and top and bottom frames securely into the skeleton of the lantern.
  4. Apply a generous layer of glue to the rings and roll them on the cellophane, then carefully cut the excess cellophane at the edges with scissors.
  5. Glue cellophane to the rest of the lantern (except the top and bottom) and cut away the excess.
  6. Fold the green drawing paper and cut out two tomato leaves of the same size, then glue the leaves on the lantern top as a decoration.
  7. Tie the tassel to the greeting card, write your family support and wishes on the card, then tie the card to the bottom of the lantern with fishing line.
  8. Finally, tie the light handle to the lantern top with fishing line and a sky lantern full support and good wishes is complete.
Participants making Loving Home sky lanterns and filling them with warm wishes
Instructions of Loving Home sky lantern