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SHKP Club Tales of Family Support competition prize presentation shows the power of warmth and support

The results of the SHKP Club Tales of Family Support competition have been announced and the winners attend a recent prize presentation and told of the mutual support and sincere feelings between them and their families.

Sincere, touching loving home stories

The competition received a total of over 6,000 entries from participants between three and 83 years old. Genres include essays, poems, drawings, lyrics and radio dramas. The entries were full of warm emotions and depicted selfless love and support between family members. Click here to see the winning entries in each category and feel the winners’ deep love for their families.

  • Hidden love
    Winner of the Member Category: Lam Chung-shing
    As his parents had always seemed indifferent to what he did, over time Lam Chung-shing developed a sense of apathy; indifferent to praise or criticism from others, he only cared about what he required of himself. But he always had a doubt: Was I adopted by my parents? It was only when he received from his wife a note written by his deceased mother before she passed away that this decades-old knot was finally untied in an instant. “We never blamed him when he regressed or failed,” she wrote, “Similarly, we did not seem to regard it as a matter of any importance when he progressed or succeeded, but we continued to secretly consult his teacher.” His parents had actually been giving him silent support when he was growing up.

  • My mother never gave up on me
    Winner of the Open Category – Senior: Wong Wing-hong
    Wong Wing-hong has had cerebral palsy since he was young, but he is a former member of Hong Kong’s Boccia team at the Paralympic Games. He also won in the oil painting section of the eighth Hong Kong Abilympics and has represented Hong Kong at the International Abilympics painting competition. It was thanks to his mother who never gave up on him that he was able to cultivate the spirit of never giving up: “Despite the piercing gazes from people around us, my mother often took me places. She was trying to make me live the same life as other children, rather than staying at home all the time.” He is very grateful to his mother for tirelessly persisting in keeping him company, even travelling around the world with him for competitions. The love between mother and son is as deep as the ocean. An occasional smile to each other bears deep feelings and love.

  • A grandfather hungry for support
    Winner of the Open Category – Intermediate: Fu Wai-king
    After Fu Wai-king's grandfather had a stroke, his doctor advised him to do more walking. On one occasion he refused to exercise because no one in the family could accompany him. The family worried and said to him: “If you don't exercise, how can your feet recover?” Grandfather replied: “You think I don't want to recover? I would also like to go out and about with you, but if I do my walking exercises alone, who will give me a hand if I fall accidentally?” The remark made her realise that her grandfather was so looking forward to the family's support!

  • A happy life in the eyes of a child
    Winner of the Open Category – Junior: Tsui Hoi-lam
    Taking care of her sick mother, walking the dog with her father, playing with her younger brother and spending time with her grandmother every day are part of Tsui Hoi-lam’s precious memories. She loves drawing so she put these warm memories into four-frame comic so that her happy family ties can last forever.

A mother's perseverance helped build Wong Wing-hong's attitude of never giving up
Tsui Hoi-lam's winning entries depict childhood innocence