Loving Home Newsletter

SHKP Club Love Family, Love Health together

Good health is important for families, so the SHKP Club is encouraging its members and the public to lead healthier, happier lives this year with its Love Family, Love Health initiative. The campaign starts with the programmes of Plans for Family Health, a home cooking online photo contest, a touring comic gallery in SHKP malls and the Loving Home notebook charity sale.

Calling for Plans for Family Health

The Club's Plans for Family Health activity invites people to draw up healthy lifestyle plans for another member in the family. The goal is to get people to reflect on how the family lives and think about the health needs of the different members, and then suggest how they can put a healthy family life into practice. The process will also boost mutual understanding and empathy for a loving, healthy lifestyle. The great prizes on offer include hotel stays, buffet meals, a fitness watch, YATA coupons and more. Watch the SHKP Club website for updates.

Cook for Love on facebook

Home cooked meals can be easy and delicious. Health-conscious home chefs try to prepare special meals that are savoury and nutritious so family members can taste the love that went into cooking. The Club is asking facebook fans to take part in the Cook for Love by sharing recipes that bring love and happiness to their families. Winners will receive popular Le Creuset cookware to make more healthy meals with care. Watch the Club's facebook page for more information.