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Brand new Lovey-loving Family Health Exhibit touring SHKP malls

A new Lovey-loving Family Health Exhibit comic gallery is touring SHKP malls in February and March, with Family members demonstrating ten tips from experts on diet, exercise and psychological management. Everyone is invited to bring their relatives and friends to the exhibitions to pick up tips and support healthy living in action.

Grateful Love at Home notebook for the community

There is also a new SHKP Club Grateful Love at Home notebook on sale for charity. It contains a number of moving stories, photos and sayings from different Loving Home activities, plus expert advice on How to Cultivate Good Habits to match the Love Family, Love Health theme and spread the loving home spirit. Notebooks are HK$30 each and all proceeds will go to the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. Drop by the sales booths in various SHKP malls on selected days or come to the Club’s office during business hours. People can also click here to order online. The sale will run until 31 March 2017. Please support charity and extend family love to more people in need.

How to Cultivate Good Habits
  1. Joint creation: Discuss and set good habits together.

  2. Repeat for at least three weeks: Decide on a new behaviour or way of thinking, make it part of daily life and repeat.

  3. Raise motivation: Think of positive images (eg better body) that will come with good habits like eating fewer snacks.

  4. Support network: Tell people who support you of the good habits you want to follow, so they can reinforce you when you do things and encourage you not to stop.

  5. Reduce difficulty: If you want to make a big change, start with easier steps so the habits take root, and then gradually take on more.

  6. Create convenience: Leave sports shoes and gear near the door to make it more convenient to go and work out for example.

  7. Connect existing behaviours: If the new habit you want is eating fruit for example, do it right after meals so it becomes routine to increase the chance of success.

  8. Record achievements: Each record is motivation and shows progress on the way to success at developing good habits.

  9. Reward and encouragement: New habits need some form of incentive like enjoying a good sweat, better sleep and waking up refreshed from doing sports.

  10. Return to routine: It is no big deal if a routine is broken; just get back to it as soon as possible.

Special thanks to Chan Yiu-lun, social work consultant with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.

Lovey-loving Family Health Exhibit and Grateful Love at Home notebook sale
Mall Exhibit Charity sale
wtc more 27 Feb to 5 Mar 4 & 5 Mar
Tsuen Wan Plaza 6 to 12 Mar 11 & 12 Mar
V city in Tuen Mun 13 to 19 Mar 18 & 19 Mar

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Lovey-loving Family Health Exhibits demonstrating healthy living
Grateful Love at Home notebook