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Royal View Hotel chef makes tasty treats for the hot summer

Colourful, sweet-and-sour appetizing desserts are good for the hot summer and replenish energy. The Royal View Hotel has prepared a series of exquisite desserts for the summer using the favourite dried plum of Superman from Penguin Village.

A. Cold plain noodle with dried plum
Ingredients (serves four)
Plain noodles 1 pack
Dried plum 4 pieces
Cold stock 400ml
Cucumber 100g


  1. Use a chicken or pork bone to prepare the broth in advance and cool in the refrigerator.
  2. Boil the noodles and put into cold water when cooked.
  3. Wash cucumber, remove seeds and shred.
  4. Put the noodles into a bowl, cover with cucumber and dried plum then add cold broth and serve.
B. Dried plum deep-fried Japanese tofu sushi
Ingredients (serves four)
Dried plum 8 pieces
Honeydew melon ball 8 pieces
Sushi vinegar 20ml
Japanese pearl rice 100g
Deep-fried Japanese tofu skin 8 pieces
Sushi dressing 40ml


  1. Cook rice and add a little sushi vinegar while it is hot. Mix evenly.
  2. Open up the deep-fried Japanese tofu skin, place the sushi rice in it and pour on some dressing.
  3. Place dried plum and honeydew melon ball on top.
C. Plum jelly
Ingredients (serves four)
Dried plum 4 pieces
Strawberry gel powder 100g
Sweet cream 40g
Water 400ml


  1. Boil two pieces of plum in water then dice. Remember to take out the seeds first.
  2. Put the strawberry powder into the plum water and stir until dissolved. Let cool and divide into four cups. Refrigerate for about two hours.
  3. Put a dollop of sweet cream on top garnish with half a dried plum and serve.

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Appetizing summer snack and dessert with dried plum
Executive Chef Kent Chow
Cold plain noodle with dried plum
Dried plum deep-fried Japanese tofu sushi
Plum jelly