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The Royal Garden welcomes spring with fun and food

Spring is the start of a new year when many people like to throw parties to bond and reconnect with family, friends or even business associates. And because of the leap month in the lunar year, there will be two days marking the start of spring making it an auspicious time for couples to marry. The Garden Rooms in The Royal Garden is an ideal place for family, social or business gatherings, and a banquet menu by executive sous chef Calvin Choi provides the perfect fare. Here is a new recipe from chef Choi: savoury fried scampi in cauliflower sauce with sugar snap beans and green asparagus. Now you can share delicious scampi with exquisitely fresh, sweet flavours of a joyful new spring.

Savoury fried scampi in cauliflower sauce with sugar snap beans and green asparagus

Ingredients (serves four)

Scampi four
Cauliflower 1kg
Agar powder 10g
Fresh milk 1l
Sugar snap beans 20g
Green asparagus four spears
Alfalfa sprouts small bunch
Black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

For lobster sauce

 Lobster soup 200ml
 Florence fennel 20g
 Onion 20g
 Tarragon 5g
 Cardamom two pods
 Ginger 10g
 Garlic two cloves
 Vegetable oil 100ml
 Butter 10g


Savoury fried scampi in cauliflower sauce with sugar snap beans and green asparagus


  1. Chop cauliflower and stir fry over medium heat until the stems are slightly soft, then sprinkle a little salt and pour in the milk. Simmer until the cauliflower is completely soft, then filter the mixture. Keep both the cauliflower and milk.

  2. Put the cauliflower and a little of the filtered milk in a blender and puree, adding the milk until the consistency is thick.

  3. Put the mix in a pan over medium heat and stir in the agar powder. Add a little salt and pepper after the agar has dissolved.

  4. Pour the mix into a rectangular mould and refrigerate for three hours.

  5. Clean the scampi and remove shells.

  6. Chop off scampi heads for later use and remove the intestines (soak up any moisture with kitchen towels). Put the scampi on bamboo skewers and sprinkle on a little salt and pepper.

  7. Chop the ginger, garlic, onions and fennel then set aside.

  8. Warm a pan over high heat for about a minute then add oil and scampi heads and simmer until the oil is absorbed. Add butter and stir fry for about 30 seconds before adding ginger, garlic, onion, fennel and cardamom. Keep over medium heat until the vegetables are slightly soft.

  9. Add lobster soup and tarragon. Keep over low heat for about 20 minutes then filter to get a sauce. Season with salt, pepper and sugar.

  10. Blanch snap peas and asparagus then drain.

  11. Fry the scampi on both sides over high heat (a minute per side) and leave to cool.

  12. Place the snap peas and asparagus in the pan and let warm with the residual heat, then add a little pepper.

  13. Remove the cauliflower mix from the refrigerator and steam for about five minutes, then cut into four squares and lay on plates.

  14. Remove the scampi from the skewers and place on top of the cauliflower, then cover with lobster sauce.

  15. Cut the asparagus into sections and use these with the beans and alfalfa as a garnish.

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The Royal Garden Executive Sous Chef Calvin Choi
Savoury fried scampi with cauliflower sauce, sugar snap beans and green asparagus