Loving Home Newsletter

A big thanks and good health to all

The SHKP Club and its members celebrated 20 years of growth in 2016 and the Club held a series of activities and promotions to share the fun and thank members for their loyalty over the years. These included gifts for buying property, the Grateful Story of My Family competition that received more than 8,000 submissions and Love in SHKP Tour staged with different SHKP business units like shopping malls, hotels, telecommunication, transportation and a theme park. The theme for next year is Love Family, Love Health. The Club will enlist various experts to stage a series of community and online activities encouraging everyone to work towards better health with their loved ones.

10 Health Tips from the Lovey-loving Family

The Club introduced the comic Lovey-loving Family back in 2013 to widespread support, and now the family will have a series of four-panel comic strips offering 10 Health Tips from experts on healthy living. The funny, informal strips will appear from time to time on the Club's Cherish Your Family facebook page to encourage people to pay attention to health and promote healthy family living.

Excerpts from the 10 Health Tips*
1. Warm water and nutritious breakfast
Drink a cup of warm water when you wake up, followed by a nutritious breakfast
2. Eat slowly until 70% full
Chew food thoroughly, swallow slowly and only eat until 70% 

Deep breathing

  • Chest rises breathing in
  • Chest falls breathing out
  • Focus on breathing slowly
  • Stay calm for ten to 20 minutes and relax your mind

Information provided by the Mental Health Photographic Society

*Watch for more healthy living tips on the Club's Cherish Your Family facebook page and SHKP Club websites!

Send Health Blessings Online

The new year brings fresh hope! The Club will start a 100°C of Good Wishes facebook game to encourage people to share health blessings and tips with loved ones, with 100 winners chosen for creativity and sentiment. Winners will each receive a special SHKP Club 20th anniversary thermal mug to serve hot beverages to your loved ones for 100°C of warmth!

Brand New Lovey-loving Family Health Exhibit

The Lovey-loving Family comic gallery has toured various SHKP malls and has been viewed three million times to date. The Club will have a new Lovey-loving Family health exhibit next year with 10 Health Tips. The exhibit will stop in many SHKP malls in different communities to promote healthy living, so pay attention to the dates as they are announced.