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Love Family: Good Habits to Improve Family Ties

The SHKP Club's coming annual Love Family, Love Health campaign will have experts offering advice on healthy living to help people cultivate good habits and improve family ties.

Good and Bad Habits

Good habits can improve understanding between family members and make interactions happier, while bad ones can gradually reduce family love. Here are some ideas from an experienced social worker on good habits that can improve family ties and some bad ones that can harm them. More ideas for cultivating good habits and getting rid of bad ones for more positivity and healthy family living are on the way.

Good habits for better family ties Bad habits that harm family ties
Showing concern for the health of others Avoiding difficult issues
Listening to others before speaking Bringing up the past in an argument
Spending time with children Spending too much
Watching family finances Comparing people needlessly
Giving praise when deserved Taking family time lightly
Setting aside couple time Leaving all the housework to others
Eating together Neglecting your partner
Making physical contact like hugs Always giving the other party their way

Special thanks to Chan Yiu Lun, social work consultant with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society.

Watch the SHKP Club website and Cherish Your Family facebook page for more interesting advice.