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Embark on an inspiring journey at Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is staging a Tomorrow Star Discovery programme this summer based on the theory of multiple intelligence put forward by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University in the USA. The ten specially-designed family-bonding workshops will help children develop their eight intelligences and unearth their inner potential. Those who meet the challenges successfully will get a tomorrow star certificate with a graduation photo and souvenir!

Great variety of exciting activities

Children's tickets bought or redeemed at the Noah's Ark main entrance, Noah's Ark website or Grand Century Plaza in Mong Kok will come with an event passport that allows a child under 12 to participate in the following activities free of charge until September 1 (Saturdays and Sundays).

  • Kid actor class
    Children perform The Three Little Pigs and get a video clip as a souvenir after the performance.
  • Kid dubbing artist class
    Children can try dubbing cartoons to enhance their linguistic ability.
  • Little kid architect
    Versatile K'NEX building blocks allow children to apply their creative talents. There is also a huge model displayed at the site.
  • Junior musician
    Children put on ethnic costumes provided by Noah's Ark and beat African drums in pulsating rhythm.
  • Little smart magician
    A magician bringing out the magical power of children is bound to elicit applause from the audience.
  • Little chef
    Children prepare delicacies while admiring the sea view, in an experience not to be missed.
  • Smart kid scientist
    Children learn about interesting animal behavior and trivia from the Noah's Ark animal app.
  • Little kid athlete
    Children can climb a rope course to challenge their skills and courage, under the guidance of professional instructors.
  • Little writer
    Letter writing is a good way to express feelings. Parents will know the heart-warming sentiments of their children from the letters they write.
  • Little model photography workshop
    A professional photographer from www.fotobeginner.com gives lessons at Noah's Art every Saturday to show how to capture the true and innocent side of children.

Noah's Ark
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Noah's Ark helps children discover eight intelligences and become tomorrow's stars
Preparing delicacies with a sea view backdrop is fun
There can be different endings to The Three Little Pigs with the interpretations of children