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Child Earth Defenders

The Noah's Ark Hong Kong Christmas carnival is underway with the Earth Defenders programme that lets children become Earth Rangers, taking on six missions to guard the environment. The programme is meant to increase awareness of environmental issues with games and workshops teaching children their part in protecting the Earth.

Educational environmental games

They're big, they're brave and they're fierce… so how did polar bears become an endangered species? How does global warming affect sea turtles? Will excessive deforestation leave many animals homeless? How do we get shark's fins and fur? Did you know that bird populations are shrinking? Games like Polar Ice Explorer, Sea Turtle Rescue Team, Forest Protection Ranger, Rainbow Troop, Ocean Defender Special Agent and Bird Brigade Air Captain let Earth Defenders solve environmental mysteries with their parents and have a chance to win attractive prizes. Other fun includes Ark Animal fun rides, Rainbow Bubble show and Creative Environmental workshops. Children may enjoy themselves so much they forget about going home.

Member privilege

Event and special offers run until 2 January 2017 (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). Each ticket comes with HK$60 in tokens and Club members can get an extra HK$30 in tokens by presenting their membership cards at the Noah's Kitchen function room. Click for details.

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Noah's Ark Hong Kong
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The Earth Defenders help increase children's environmental awareness
Polar Ice Explorer lets children help a polar bear find ice floes and food as global warming melts the ice caps
The Rainbow Troop game teaches players to say NO to products made from tusks, fur and shark's fin