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Broad range of SHKP Reading Club cultural and literary events

The SHKP Reading Club 2016 A Letter to My Family book review competition drew more than 6,600 entries describing love and care for family members. Following the competition and the Ping Shan Cycling Cultural Tour in September, the Club has staged a wide range of literary events and free seminars appealing to all sorts of interests.

Full slate of Read On, Move On activities

It is agreed that reading is beneficial to brain development, but sports scientists Dr Lobo Lui and educational psychologist Dr Raymond Tang suggested that doing exercise can serve the same purpose. The SHKP Reading Club recently held a FUN with Reading and Sports talk and had Dr Lui and Dr Tang explaining how to couple reading with sports to realize their potential. They also talked about their new book titled Exercise Can Make Children Wise and highlighted some child development facts like:

  • Children between two and five can roll over and throw

  • Children aged six to nine can play competitive sports that require tactics like tennis and swimming

  • Children aged 10 to 12 can master more complicated skills and may be receptive to specialized training

Furthermore, a Read On, Move On Poetic Wandering in Central and Sheung Wan was recently held. Participants led by Young Writers' Debut Competition winner Matthew Cheng and Walk in Hong Kong founder Paul Chan will visit staircases in Central and Sheung Wan and write poems revealing their creativity.

Agnes Chan's talk on education

The Reading Club had Stanford University PhD in education Agnes Chan talking about her views on personal development and education. She attaches great importance to developing children's self-recognition and offered the following suggestions:

  • Don't compare your children to others

  • Skin-to-skin contact makes children feel loved

  • Don't make children wait – create opportunities to build parent-child relationships

  • Encourage children to ask questions so they can think independently

  • Appreciate children's effort and progress

Guide recommending books on Yuen Long and Ping Shan
Agnes Chan on personal development and education