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Grand summer debut of ICC Light and Music Show over Victoria Harbour

SHKP's ICC Light and Music Show over Victoria Harbour is an audio-visual feast of dynamism and vitality. Sporty Summer is the theme for the light and music this season, celebrating the fighting spirit of athletes who make Hong Kong proud.

Commending local sporting elites

The dazzling display of light and sound has become the new focus of the night sky over Victoria Harbour. SHKP chose ten popular sports including windsurfing, table tennis, cycling and badminton where athletes have put in outstanding performances at major international competitions. There are also the international equestrian, dragon boat and rugby competitions that are held in Hong Kong and football, running and archery that Hong Kong people love. Athletes in different poses are flashed onto the facade of ICC in animation set to music that echoes fighting Hong Kong spirit.

The show is on each night at 7:45 and 9:00 and is best viewed from the 3 and 4 podium levels at ifc mall in Central, which have top audio systems so people can enjoy the show with music. There is also a free ICC Light and Music Show phone app at the App Store and Google Play that smartphone users can get synchronized sound to view the show and experience the summer sports craze.

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Download the ICC Light and Music Show to a smartphone by scanning the QR code.

SHKP ICC Light and Music Show
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