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8,000 entries to Grateful Story of My Family competition tell of heart-warming family love in Hong Kong

The recent Grateful Story of My Family competition was enthusiastically received, and we would like to thank members, their relatives and friends for their participation. The competition received more than 8,000 entries and some winners related their heartfelt stories during the award ceremony. Below is the entry by Wong May Wah, winner of the members' category. Read and feel her gratitude to her mother.

Wong May Wah, winner of member category

As the old saying goes: 'you only know your parents' sacrifice after you raise a child of your own'. I was once young and ignorant and could not truly appreciate my mother's sacrifices and hard work bringing me up. It was only when I became a mother that I realized my mother's selfless love.

You quietly endured the hardship of pregnancy for ten months, and the extreme pain of giving birth to me... After I was born, you took care of me day and night even before your confinement period was up, nursing me, worrying about me getting cold and bathing and dressing me with the utmost care. I refused to sleep in the crib, so you had to carry me on your back while doing housework and only gently put me to bed after I fell asleep. When I was sick, you worked around the clock to take care of me...

When my child was born, you were so worried that you did not sleep for days... As a first-time mum, I was upset during the confinement and often lashed out at you, but you always managed to laugh it off. As my child slowly grew, you often called me to ask how I was doing. You would also frequently look after my child for me and offered advice, to which I would reply: 'Mum, times have changed' grumbling at your nagging.

Looking back now, I cannot help but feel how wrong and ungrateful I was...

Mom, I really want to thank you. You never complained to us, and toiled for us half your life... Now I understand the greatness of a mother's love, and no words can fully describe the love and dedication of my mother.

'Mum, I love you! Thank you for your selfless love.'

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