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New authors capture moments in time

Ten young Hong Kong and mainland writers started new chapters in their lives at the recent Hong Kong Book Fair with their outstanding writing and creativity that made them winners of the fourth Young Writers' Debut competition.

Youth breaks new ground

SHKP has been promoting reading and holistic development for years. Its Young Writers' Debut competitions with Joint Publishing help promising young writers to publish their first books. The fourth competition was extended to the mainland for the first time with veteran writers as judges and coaches. It allowed promising authors from the mainland and Hong Kong to exchange ideas in the literary arena and express their aspirations for society and the world through words, pictures, photos and multi-media.

Interpreting existence

The competitions have so far encouraged over 5,500 youngsters to put pen to paper. The theme of latest competition was 'existence'. The ten winners expressed themselves with extraordinary writing and creative formats. One book tells of the transformation of Hong Kong streets while another presents the meaning of existence and happiness living in a subdivided flat. Others demonstrate the theme through short stories with familiar verses and one is an adventure at the north pole with music and illustrations. These outstanding works are being distributed in traditional Chinese version in Hong Kong and simplified Chinese version on the mainland, so that more readers can appreciate the creativity of the young writers.

Fourth Young Writers' Debut Competition winners
Title Author
1. Memoir of the Sun, Moon and Stars KK Kwok
2. Silence Belinda
3. Husband-Wife Businesses Brownwhite
4. Cicada Kori Song
5. Learning the Law of the Jungle Rose
6. Living in a Luxury Subdivided Flat Lam Siu Lung
7. A Retrospective Natasha
8. A Dream Traveler Tomi Underhill
9. Unfriend Me Au Yeung Ching
10. 69°N 51°W Ricky Lai


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