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Enjoy delightful wildlife at iapm mall in Shanghai

Many people love watching documentaries about animals and enjoy their cute behaviour. iapm mall recently staged a fascinating Summer Animal Kingdom exhibition.

Explore the mysterious animal kingdom

The mall is currently displaying rare movie set photos from the animal documentary Born in China. Shoppers can enjoy the stories of giant pandas and golden snug-nosed monkeys growing up in Sichuan and snow leopards in Sanjiangyuan, which bring out the heart-warming side of wildlife. The mall is also collaborating with US artist Kiyoshi Mino and German artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer (paperwolf). Mino brought 15 animal artworks made of fine wool, including a golden snub-nosed monkey, snow leopard and panda specially made for the mall. Kampffmeyer designed thirty 3D-animal sculptures such as penguins, flamingos and more. Amusing scenes of inter-species interaction will surely make you laugh, while the lifelike facial expressions will impress you with the artist's amazing skill.

Note: The Summer Animal Kingdom exhibition at Shanghai iapm mall runs until 16 September 2016.

iapm mall
Address: 999 Middle Huai Hai Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Transport: metro lines 1, 10 and 12, South Shaanxi Road station

Lifelike animal art
Shoppers are drawn to the Summer Animal Kingdom exhibition