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YATA now open in Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun

YATA, modern Japanese Lifestyle Department Store and its standalone supermarket are recently moved into SHKP's Tsuen Wan Plaza and V city representatively. The two stores each have their own characteristics to fulfil the modern pursuit of quality of life.

YATA Department Store (Tsuen Wan) offers green lifestyle

The 86,000-square-foot Tsuen Wan store has a 20-metre Greenery Corridor with a Green Shopping, Green Living theme. There is the Fresh Veggie Lab with fresh vegetables free of pesticides and heavy metals daily. The food court on the fourth floor houses the popular food and beverage outlets Nakajima Suisan's Fish House, MUTSUMIYA, RYOYU Bakery, Shirokuma Curry, Beard Papa's and Ten Ren's Tea, offering new choices for Tsuen Wan. The beauty area on the second floor is another attraction. It brings together nine stylish Japanese and Korean cosmetic retailers and offers a wide collection of Japanese and Korean women's accessories to add glamour and charm.

YATA Supermarket (Tuen Mun) brings family shopping concept

A 27,000-square-foot YATA family supermarket at V city in Tuen Mun has a YATA Baby Town covering 1,800 square feet and an extensive selection of baby furniture and child care products. YATA also helps parents by bringing healthy, fresh and organic products from all over to Hong Kong, so there is a better selection of healthy food for infants and young children. YATA aims to be the one-stop answer for parenting, food, drinks, play and amusement.

YATA Website: www.yata.hk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yatahk
Weibo: weibo.com/yatahk
Enquiries: (852) 2694 1111

YATA brings popular Japanese food and new choices to Tsuen Wan
Customers can choose untainted, hydroponic vegetables from the shelves of YATA in Tsuen Wan.
Extensive selection of everything for infants and young children at YATA in Tuen Mun