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Club holding Love in SHKP Tour for members to celebrate 20th anniversary

The SHKP Club has grown to 350,000 members over the past 20 years, with laughter and touching moments along the way. Members have passed different milestones in life's journey including setting up families and bringing them to loving home activities. The Club is going to launch a series of Love in SHKP Tour family-bonding activities to create joyous moments with members and commemorate its 20th anniversary. Parents and children will be able to participate in interactive sessions centred around different SHKP businesses to explore and experience more happiness and love in their lives.

Fun family cooking at the Ritz-Carlton

Love can add flavour to food, and cooking with your children lets you do it together and deepen understanding. Fun family cooking at the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong will be the first Love in SHKP Tour, offering a great opportunity for members' children to learn time management and how to delegate work while cooking up a tasty meal full of love. It will teach children independence and enhance feelings between them and their parents.

SmarTone Mobile App Workshop to promote family communication

The Club is moving on from the happy times of the past to add more fun to family life with new digital technology. Have you ever wondered how differently children see the world than you do? SmarTone will put on a special family-togetherness workshop to teach Club members how to make the best use of smartphone apps for photography, drawing and more. Parents and children will learn to express their creativity and ideas in pictures and improve daily communication, getting to know more about each other's way of thinking and enhancing relationships.

Look for details on the SHKP Club website.

SmarTone mobile applications classroom allow both parents and children to discover together more joys of mobile applications
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