Loving Home Newsletter

Members give backing to Loving Home notebook charity sale

The SHKP Club's charity Loving Home notebook sales held at four SHKP malls drew large crowds in support. The sales raised HK$100,000, which will all go to the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society so that needy families can receive the help they deserve.

Teaching the next generation the joy of giving

Many people went to YOHO MALL in Yuen Long, apm in Kowloon East, V city in Tuen Mun or East Point City in Tseung Kwan O for the sales, to help the SHKP Club spread the culture of giving. Some people said they specifically visited the malls with their children to purchase Loving Home notebooks, to instil the positive message that it is more blessed to give than receive. Others praised the design of the special 20th anniversary edition and said they looked forward to reading the heart-warming messages inside so their children could put words into action at home and spread the loving home spirit.

Members encourage their children to support SHKP Club's charity Loving Home notebook sales and help needy families