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Tips for capturing a beautiful sight in Hong Kong

The SHKP Club held an ICC Light and Music Show family photography workshop recently and the response from members was good. The ICC Light and Music Show photo competition closes on August 30 and people can click here to enter. An SHKP photographer offers the following tips for entrants:


  1. The ICC Light and Music Show is on each night at 7:45 and 9:00. People should understand the order in which the light patterns appear.
  2. Choose a good shooting location like The Peak, Lugard Road or Central piers.
  3. Visit the Hong Kong Observatory website and select a shooting day according to the weather forecast. The best time is a clear night.
  4. An exposure of 30 seconds or more can be used for night scenes of Victoria Harbour. This makes vehicles or boats leave behind a pleasing trail of light.
  5. Shooting the ICC Light and Music Show:
    • Secure the tripod
    • Adjust the camera to full manual mode / focus
    • Exposure = shutter speed + aperture + sensitivity
    • Suggested aperture setting: f/5.6
    • Suggested shutter speed: 1/60 sec.
    • Take a test picture and then adjust the settings as needed
SHKP photographer explains getting good shot of the ICC Light and Music Show
Members practice in the workshop