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Scholarships for less-fortunate high school students in western China

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation established a scholarship programme to help high school students at Lintao Middle School in Dingxi, Gansu. The fund pays tuition fees and living expenses for financially disadvantaged students and offers additional grants as recognition and encouragement for outstanding performance.

Recognizing the determination to achieve upward mobility

Lintao Middle School is in the remote mountains of Gansu province where the climate is harsh and dry. The area lags behind in terms of economic and educational development and living conditions are hard, but Lintao Middle School sees an increasing number of students admitted to top universities like Tsinghua University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University every year. The scholarship students were mainly from average rural farm families. One student wrote to express his appreciation, saying: "My parents were elated and proud that I got into Lintao Middle School, but the tuition and related expenses would have put a huge financial burden on us and given my parents great stress." The programme is committed to providing three years of assistance to 110 students. It will help relieve the burdens on their families so they can focus on preparing for the college entrance examination, the gateway to university.