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Exciting Internet activities enhance visiting SHKP malls

The SHKP Club has a wide range of interactive Internet activities in August for fans.

New SHKP E-malls game sharing wonderful creative cuisine

What cuisine at fine SHKP mall restaurants do you love most? Join the Creative Cuisine contest by uploading a photo of the cuisine you consider so creative to the SHKP Club Cherish Your Family facebook page for fellow fans. Give the name of the dish, price, restaurant and SHKP mall where it is, and give reasons for your choice in 150 words or less. The Club will rate entries for creativity and aesthetics, and entrants could win a HK$200 SHKP mall coupon or a fashionable cake tray. A total of 35 winners will be picked. The closing date is 9 September. Enter with your creative cuisine recommendations!

SHKP Club weibo builds ties at SHKP malls

HKP Club organizes fun activities to build ties with members. The new SHKP Club weibo offers the latest leisure news and special offers at SHKP malls and hotels so that fans can enjoy activities and special offers even between the mainland and Hong Kong. The Club is welcoming fan to follow it on weibo with the Hang out@SHKP Malls where Possibilities are Endless contest. Participants will learn more about SHKP malls and be able to share their favourite SHKP mall recommendations. Taking part is very simple; just follow @SHKP Club and forward the activity weibo to three friends, then specify the SHKP mall you want to visit most and where it is. The prize is a Xiaomi 2S mobile phone. Closing date: 19 August. 

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No. 41355