Loving Home Newsletter

Give your loved ones a little surprise Enter SHKP mall spending rewards lucky draw

Surprises come from love. Just a little thought can make a gift offer encouragement. The SHKP Club is holding a "Loving Homes Support The Family Campaign" Lucky Draw for members with over 300 prizes to be had.

Until October 15 members spending HK$200 by retail electronic payment* (credit card, EPS or Octopus only) in one transaction at 20 SHKP shopping malls# will get a lucky draw ticket and Star members will get double tickets and the chance to win Star member's Grand Prize. Click here for details.

Visit SHKP malls to buy gifts that give loving encouragement to family members, loved ones and friends, and enter the lucky draw!

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No. 41436-7

* Retail electronic payment does not include financial payments (eg ATM, bill payment, banking, Octopus add-value and loan payment), property purchase and rental, medical fee, stamp, show ticket, club membership, telecommunication monthly fee, promotional booth, retail kiosk, banquet, tuition fee, shop/mall cash coupon, coupon (cake, dining, food, calling card, newspaper, etc), foreign currency exchange and other non-retail payments.

# 20 designated SHKP malls