Loving Home Newsletter

SHKP Club Lovey-loving Family comic gallery popular with visitors

The Lovey-loving Family has encouraged everyone to support and be there for family members through interesting vignettes from everyday life since 2013. This loving home sentiment is close to the hearts of those who care for family members and has therefore earned widespread popularity for the cartoon characters. The annual Lovey-loving Family comic galleries in SHKP malls drew an impressive turnout of more than 1.1 million this year, a significant rise from 800,000 in the year they started.

Ten Ways to Love on display

The SHKP Club staged roving Lovey-loving Family comic galleries in SHKP's V city, wtc more, Metroplaza, Tai Po Mega Mall and YOHO MALL so everyone could see the sweet acts of love by the Lovey-loving Family in three-dimensional exhibits. Exhibition visitors promised to love their family members in Ten Ways to Love.

Your caring words warm my heart
A little more patience, a little more love
The Lovey-loving Family comic gallery attracted numerous visitors