Loving Home Newsletter

Encouraging young children to love nature

Kindergarten students were taught appreciation and care for the environment in Dr Nature On-The-Go programme under Love Nature Campaign staged by Green Power with SHKP's support.

Large pop-up book helps children learn ecology of nature

Sea horses aren't 'horses' and common kingfishers aren't 'ordinary' – these were some of the misconceptions Dr Nature cleared up for children with his The Animal Adventure with Dr Nature pop-up book sponsored by SHKP. Dr Nature believes promoting conservation of the environment is his mission, so he visited 10 kindergartens late last year to tell stories using interactive games and role-play to familiarize children with Hong Kong's diverse wildlife. He explained that sea horses are a species of fish in which the fathers give birth to the young, that common kingfishers are birds extremely good at catching fish and that lantern bugs commonly feed on the sap of Longan trees. SHKP and Green Power gave free copies of The Animal Adventure with Dr Nature to 40-plus kindergartens in the Dr Nature On-The-Go programme so teachers could give interactive lessons on natural ecology.