Loving Home Newsletter

'Get help – give help' spirit takes inspiration from families

Using free time to do volunteer work with family members can be a way to strengthen communication and bonds; letting families grow together. SHKP encourages its staff to volunteer with their families and promotes the spirit of 'get help – give help' to take volunteering to a new level.

Putting family love in volunteering

The SHKP Volunteer Team has harnessed the efforts of company staff since it was set up in 2003. It has now grown to about 2,400 members and has been among the top three winners of Social Welfare Department Highest Service Hour Awards (Private Organisations – Category 1) for six years running. It collaborates with social welfare agencies to provide creative, timely and sustainable programmes that expand the scope of volunteering. The team even enlists elderly and young beneficiaries in volunteering to cultivate the virtue mutual support.

Volunteer Team Chief Leader Michelle Leung hopes the team will keep up with times in responding to the needs of society and underprivileged people in 2016. She adds that the team puts the SHKP Building Homes with Heart ideal into volunteering to serve the community with care. She says that volunteers find meaning by helping people and benefit from the experience, at the same time as love and family bonds are extended to the bigger Hong Kong community.