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Savour tender spring vegetables for a taste of the countryside

As spring returns, executive chef (Chinese cuisine) Raymond Wong of W Hong Kong introduces the greens of spring into creating highly aesthetic vegetarian dishes. Jade Goblet and the Universe of Zen will refresh your taste buds with the fresh breath of spring and ease your digestive system this festive season.

Ingredients (serves two)

Winter melon 2 slabs
Tomato 2
Yellow brain fungus 38g
Elm fungus 38g
Black fungus 38g
Brown beech mushroom 38g
Baby spinach 38g
Vegetarian chicken powder To taste
Vegetarian stock  
  Water 600ml
  Soybean sprouts 75g
  Tender napa cabbage 75g
  Carrot 75g
  Japanese shiitake 2 pieces
Edible gold leaf Dash
Pea sprout As preferred


  1. Wash yellow brain fungus, elm fungus and black fungus and soak in water overnight.

  2. Wash the carrot, shiitake (with stalk intact), cabbage and soybean sprouts, then cut the carrot into thick slices. Bring all the ingredients to a boil then simmer over a low flame for 90 minutes to produce a vegetarian stock.

  3. The filling: Remove stalks from yellow brain fungus, elm fungus and black fungus and chop the base of the stems off brown beech mushrooms; wash and dice finely. Parboil for 20 seconds with a bit of sugar, salt, and vegetarian chicken powder. Drain the water then fry in a wok with oil. Season with sugar, salt, vegetarian chicken powder and stew for four minutes, then thicken with a little cornflour in water.

  4. Wash winter melon and remove the skin. Use a circular mould three inches in diameter to cut the melon into cylinders, then use a scoop about 2.5 inches in diameter to remove the core of each cylinder, leaving the bottom intact. Parboil the melon for about 20 seconds with a little sugar and salt. Put some filling into the cavity of each cylinder and steam for about three minutes.

  5. Wash the tomatoes and blanch briefly, then place them in cool water for about 15 seconds before removing the skins. Slice the tops off, remove the pulp and put some filling into the cavity.

  6. Wash spinach then parboil for 10 seconds with a little sugar and salt, then divide into four equal portions on separate plates. Place a piece of melon on each portion. Turn the tomatoes upside down and place one on top of each remaining spinach portion.

  7. Make a sauce with vegetarian stock, a little cornflour, sugar, salt and vegetarian chicken powder. Pour onto the melon and tomato and decorate with a small amount of edible gold leaf and Jade Goblet is ready. Decorate the tomatoes with a stalk of pea sprout and Universe of Zen is ready.


Jade Goblet


Universe of Zen

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The Universe of Zen (top) and Jade Goblet (bottom)
W Hong Kong executive chef (Chinese cuisine) Raymond Wong