Loving Home Newsletter

Thanks for entering Loving Moments with SHKP Club competition

The Loving Moments with SHKP Club competition was popular and drew more than 1,000 entries from members. We want to thank everyone who entered the competition, which enabled the Club to understand what members are looking for and get a better idea of how to offer improved service. The Club will continue to stage a wide range of activities to help members create wonderful lives in the loving home spirit. Here are some winning entries that may give you food for thought:

S.H.K.P. C.L.U.B. – Code from the heart

Lam Chung Ning won in the Love in the SHKP Club category and related what was in her mind when she joined the Club. She said: ""I didn't know the difference between the Club and other member-based organizations and was just attracted by the discounts for members at the beginning. With the course of time, I was impressed by the Building Homes with Heart belief." Ms Lam recalled that she attended the Club's Loving Home series award presentation where participants explained their winning entries and spoke of precious moments with family. Deeply moved by the stories, she got a better understanding of what love is. Then she concentrated on learning how to love her home and family whole-heartedly. She said: "Family members getting together for a simple meal, sitting on the sofa to eat fruit and watch TV, children going for dim sum with parents, family members sharing household chores and an elder sister helping younger siblings with their homework are all things we can do. After we have grown up, we tend to neglect them unconsciously and eventually forget that happiness is in the simple things in life." For Ms Lam, the meaning of S.H.K.P. C.L.U.B. is:

S means Sharing Share more with family, whether happy or sad
H means Harmony Calmly communicate
K means Keen Family is for life; be keen on family
P means Participate Participate in family activities like travelling together
C means Care More care, less unhappiness
L means Listen Put down the mobile phone and listen
U means Understand Everyone has stress; be more considerate
B means Believe Believe each other and be honest
Father and son love to come home

Lam Sin Hoi was the winner of the individual Love in SHKP Residential Properties category. He lives in Villa Athena in Ma On Shan and loves the picturesque scenery around the estate, so he is glad that his son was able to grow up in such a beautiful environment. It was common to hear Mr Lam's family laughing in the Villa Athena clubhouse, swimming pool or basketball court. He said: "Villa Athena is my home. It's not just a place to sleep but also where we belong. The doors are always open for me and people here view Villa Athena as a big family. The neighbours say hello and show care and concern for each other. The atmosphere is full of human feeling. Villa Athena provides family education, teaching children to love their home and care for the Earth, and also to conserve energy. My son moved to an SHKP residential development in Yuen Long for work when he grew up but distance doesn't diminish his love for family, probably because of the values he learned in Villa Athena since childhood. In fact, we are closer than ever and he returns home to visit us regularly. Eating and spending time together creates heart-warming moments that we enjoy the most."

Sweet Memories at Mall & More

Love in SHKP Malls winner Lee Wai Ming said: "Have you ever had your emotions run wild looking at a certain scene, listening to a song or smelling a scent when memories or conversations from the past replay in your mind? The brain is like a video recorder, it's just that sometimes we can't find the switch to turn it on and temporarily store a scene in memory. The switch in my head automatically turns on whenever I walk into New Town Plaza in Sha Tin and replays a beautiful scene in my head. That's because it's more than just a mall but evokes unexpected beautiful memories. Silly jokes about 'plucking stars', sparkling rings and high-tech, environmentally friendly LEDs illuminating the artistic Starlight Garden on Level Seven of New Town Plaza phase one during the Christmas season have left everlasting sweet Mall & More memories for me and my partner."

Heart-warming memories

Seasons change and time flies. The Royal Garden was the setting for Love in SHKP Hotels winner Alison Ng Wai Man. She said: "From 2000 to 2005, I went to The Royal Garden often because my former boss loved to have lunch at the Chinese restaurant there. I would savour the salad buffet at The Balcony with colleagues in summer, and buy mixed-nut mooncakes from the Chinese restaurant for my mum to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. I loved to having the Christmas day dinner buffet with my family at The Greenery, because we lived in Tsim Sha Tsui and the seafood there is very fresh and the desserts are delicious." Sirloin steak was Alison's dad's favourite. It is a pity he can no longer spend happy moments with family, but they are indelible memories for the Ng family.

Villa Athena
Love in SHKP Residential Properties – Two Generations winner Cody Cheng Yuk Yee with her husband and children are a happy family of four
Love in SHKP Residential Properties – Three Generations winner Lai Yat Sing and family celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival at an SHKP estate party. They proves the saying that 'an elder family member is a treasure'