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SHKP Reading Club bridges books and sport

The SHKP Reading Club's Read On, Move On series this autumn featured a blend of reading and sport involving guided cultural tours, seminars and book recommendations to stir wider interest in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Ladder of Life

Noted radio host Michael Leung drew on his rich personal experience at a Ladder of Life seminar in late November. He wrote the widely-circulated Points to Note for My Child article (part of his book of the same title) that touched the hearts of many parents, and described five important ladders of life at the seminar. The Ladder of Learning is intrinsically a course where we seek knowledge, not grades. The true aim of the Ladder of Work is to pursue happiness and satisfaction, while a guideline for the Ladder of Society is to distinguish real friends from other connections. One should enjoy the fruit of hard work on the Ladder of Fortune; and seek spiritual well-being on the Ladder of Health, Mr Leung also recommended The Chinese University of Hong Kong Vice-Chancellor and President Joseph Sung's Half Glass of Water that Nourishes the Heart and Chu Hai College of Higher Education governor Lee Chack Fan's Love in the Present – Home is the Haven of Happiness and Live in the Present.

Going beyond sit and read

Book lovers got moving in two cultural tours with noted Hong Kong historian Dr Joseph Ting as he led them back in time with captivating narratives of the city. Participants in Cycling in the World of Books rode bikes to historic sites in Sha Tin and Tai Wai, and then the Ladders as the Time Machine outing took participants up and down characteristic staircases in Central and Sheung Wan. The SHKP Reading Club prepared a list of recommended books to go with the tours including Yu Kwang-chung's Living amid the Natural Beauty of Sha Tin, Joseph Ting's A Walk in History of Hong Kong and Cheng Po-hung's A Century of Hong Kong Roads and Streets and Now and Then: A Century of Bustling Central and Western District.

Sports celebrities look back at struggle

The audience was moved by the never-give-up spirit of speakers at the I'm 2A – Athlete & Author seminar held previously. Amputee athlete Fung Kam-hung told of his supportive family and teammates being his source of motivation, referring to his book I Can Run. He also explained how he tackled the rugged trails of a marathon in Chile's Atacama Desert. Spider Woman Lisa Cheng – two-time winner of the Cheung Chau bun scramble and author of the eponymously titled autobiography – told of how she transformed and progressed in the search for direction amid obstacles.

Note: Book titles are literal translations from Chinese.

SHKP Reading Club
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Dr Ting enlightens participants on interesting Hong Kong history at Tsang Tai Uk
Michael Leung talks about challenging situations from personal experience at the Ladder of Life seminar
Spider Woman Lisa Cheng (left) and amputee runner Fung Kam-hung (middle) at the I'm 2A – Athlete & Author seminar