Loving Home Newsletter

Unreserved efforts in serving the community

Caring for nature and the elderly were the primary themes of SHKP's latest community service that saw its staff joining hands with family members to conserve the environment and show care and support for others.

Protecting marine life

Non-gazetted beaches* at Ma On Shan's Starfish Bay and Ah Kung Wan in Sai Kung are habitats for various indigenous marine animals and coastal plants. SHKP worked with local environmental group Green Power through the Love Nature Campaign to enlist staff from the company, their families and over a hundred primary school teachers and students to help protect nature by cleaning these beaches. The events were also a lesson for participants to realize the importance of preserving these unique ecological sites as they appreciated the coastal animals and plants.

Loving soup and care for the elderly

In mid-November, SHKP gave 100 flasks of hot soup to elderly singles and couples in Nam Shan Estate as part of the Warmth in the Heart of Sham Shui Po, a collaboration between the SHKP Volunteer Team and The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council. Some of the staff volunteers helped by purchasing fresh ingredients in the market while others washed flasks. Then they assisted the chefs to rinse and chop the ingredients, every step done with care. Volunteers also accompanied The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council staff on the household visits as they asked the seniors about their needs for winter clothes and support service.

* Note: Gazetted beaches are beaches which have been announced in the Government Gazette as bathing beaches and are managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). Non-gazetted beaches are those which have not been announced as bathing beaches. At present, the LCSD provides services and beach facilities only at gazetted beaches (except closed gazetted beaches). These include lifeguard and first-aid services, the collection of refuse within the beach area, the provision and maintenance of barbecue sites, toilets, showers and changing rooms, etc. Such services and facilities are not provided at any non-gazetted beaches by government departments. (Source: Environmental Protection Department. Last revision date of website: 9 December 2015.)

Litter strewn on the Starfish Bay beach in Ma On Shan was collected in the clean-ups
SHKP volunteers serve soup to seniors in Sham Shui Po's Nam Shan Estate
An elderly woman approaching 100 years of age (centre) accepts the loving soup from SHKP volunteers with great delight