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SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation continues Guizhou University scholarships

The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation recently welcomed a delegation from Guizhou University to SHKP headquarters for a ceremony to mark the Foundation's second infusion of funds to its scholarship programme at the university. The scholarship scheme was established in 2004 to help promising but financially disadvantaged students pursue undergraduate degrees, with its second installment transferred this year.

Helping financially deprived students receive university education

Foundation Executive Director Amy Kwok said: "Over 80% of Guizhou University students come from rural areas and nearly 40% of them are ethnic minorities. Most people from this background cannot afford a university education, so the scholarship scheme was established to help promising students with limited means further their studies towards undergraduate degrees. We believe that Guizhou University will continue nurturing talented students from rural communities and minorities, so that they can climb the social ladder and overcome poverty." The scholarship scheme committed RMB 10.8 million to Guizhou University in two installments, and this latest one will take the number of recipients to over 1,800.

Cross-campus platform fostering communication among scholarship recipients

Ms Kwok also said that the Foundation has scholarship schemes in 17 mainland tertiary institutions and the total number of scholarships exceeds 20,000. The Foundation is planning a cross-campus platform that will enhance communication among scholarship recipients and serve as a medium for students to pass on their experience to the younger generation.