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ICC Light and Music Show presents the Dancing Fun, Sharing Fun episode

The Dancing Fun, Sharing Fun winter episode of the ICC Light and Music Show radiates joy and positive energy to Hong Kong with an array of artistic dances that depict rhythmic body movement and show the vitality and beauty of life.

Splendid dances boost the city

International Commerce Centre (ICC) becomes a giant screen against the backdrop of Christmas lights shimmering over Victoria Harbour. Two lovers open the animation with a graceful waltz, followed by an Indian dancer twisting her slender body bursting with passion. Another girl comes next, drawing attention with a swan-like ballet and then Michael Jackson goes on stage and does his signature Moonwalk that once swept over the world. A magician in a shimmering mask appears and performs mesmerizing tricks, followed closely by modern female dancers and tap dancers stepping in time to the lively rhythm culminating in a joyful spectacular.

The show plays nightly at 7:45 and 9:00. People appreciating Christmas lights from the shores of Victoria Harbour with those closest to them should remember to download the ICC Light and Music Show smartphone app before the extravaganza starts, to hear the music in sync with the animation. ICC will also display countdown illuminations on Christmas and New Year's eves to celebrate the special days with Hong Kong people and visitors.

Scan the QR code to download the ICC Light and Music Show app to a smartphone.

ICC Light and Music Show
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